HRI creates effective, positive and progressive customized HR consulting,
training and conflict solutions for individuals and entire organizations.
Our programs are customized to meet your particular needs and the formal training interventions we conduct are created by doing an analyis of the culture and participants to assure the right development is offered to the intended recepients. As a result of these efforts, our training leads to exceptional enhancement of performance, knowledge, skill development and expertise at individual, team, and organizational levels, all of which leads to improved ROI. The combination of training and consulting expertise makes HRI a full service HR/OD consulting group.

Our program offerings will help leaders:
Learn to build an effective team, reduce turnover, increase loyalty and retention and, in general, strengthen their skills in dealing effectively with unresolved conflict, confrontation, and the resulting decrease in productivity.

Become aware of how their style/behaviors effect others, give feedback to increase performance, learn how issues of motivation and productivity affect the company, practice dealing with problems through the use of positive discipline, learn and practice the elements of successful work teams.

Learn how to manage and conduct effective meetings by identifying barriers, dealing with negative behavior in a positive manner, focus on solutions and bring closure to all issues.

Learn how to establish and maintain a respectful, harassment free, and diverse workplace.

Avoid the cost of poor personnel placement by using a more scientific, and legally validated, process for interviewing, selection and placement.

Understand and better manage the stress, and improve the outcomes, associated with organizational change.

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