HRI creates effective, positive and progressive customized HR consulting,
training and conflict solutions for individuals and entire organizations.
Healthy leadership and employee relationships are essential to the growth and profitability of your entire organization and at times, for whatever reason, leaders at any level can find themselves in patterns of behavior and habit that no longer effectively serve them, their team members or the organization in general. When confronted with such a situation you don't have to lose the knowledge and historic perspective of that employee, it is possible to assist individual leaders in becoming aware of needed changes in behavior and approaches through a coaching process.

We can provide the following services with regard to coaching:
Assessments to help the individual become aware and understand how their communication style and/or elements associated with emotional intelligence (EQ) are affecting their behavior, effectiveness and relationships.

Design practical models and strategies to target and address development needs that will result in behavioral changes.

Work with the client to design strategies for rebuilding relationships.

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